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The Getting Reading for Kindergarten calendar offers parents, caregivers and teachers easy, enjoyable learning activities that fit into daily routines and promote quality time together.

  • Daily learning activities that use materials in your home at little or no cost.

  • Monthly topics focused on different kindergarten readiness themes with additional resources for parents.

  • Detailed, developmental checklist based on content from the MN Department of Education standards to track child’s physical, social-emotional, language and cognitive development.

  • Bright illustrations by renowned author and illustrator Nancy Carlson

  • Reserve your copy at

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Mondays with Mom Enough

Out of the Shadows: Straight Talk with Children about a Family Member’s Problems with Substance Use

Substance abuse is one of today’s major health problems, affecting countless families and creating pain and confusion for children. But many of us are uncertain how to talk with children when a family member has a problem with substance use and that uncertainty too often leads to avoidance and secrecy that only compound the problems. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Dr. Kristen Burnett, has worked with many children and youth in families dealing with substance abuse. She joins Marti and Erin in this week’s Mom Enough show for a straightforward, realistic discussion of different types of substance problems, common effects on children living with adults who abuse alcohol or other drugs, how to talk with children of different ages, and where to find additional resources.

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Spring Cleaning...

to clean, or not to clean

Is spring cleaning on your "to do" list? The best way to simplify any cleaning is to stay clutter-free which creates the appearance of clean and makes cleaning easier when you finally do get to it. Motivation, proper cleaning products, professional cleaning techniques, and a helpful home will simplify your spring cleaning. Learn more spring cleaning tips our featured article by Barbara Tako.

Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing motivational speaker and author of Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life (O Books, 2010), a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly clutter clearing tips newsletter at

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