Looking for a finance manager? Know some options!

Want to manage finances from anywhere? Smartphone apps are the options that are tailored for you. Among the top apps for those who want to catch up on financial life are Expense Manager, Mobills, Easy Card and Of course the GuardBayment.

Here are 4 finance manager options that will help put your financial life on track!


Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Available on iTunes and Google Play, Expense Manager stands out for its intuitive yet simple-to-use interface. With the help of the finance manager, it is possible to manage spending by week, month, year and even by budget category.

Especially useful for those abroad or for foreigners in the country, the app allows accounts in multiple currencies. In addition, it has features that will help those who always forget to pay their bills, such as payment scheduling, recurring payments, and expiration alerts.

The app also has charts and reports and allows you to customize the expense categories according to your lifestyle.



loan payment

Mobills promotes fast and hassle-free finance management. Among the features worth mentioning are financial planning. In the app, you can plan where you would like to spend your money by setting spending targets by category and tracking day to day the evolution of your spending over the month.

Are carried in the free version features unlimited launches, creating revenue categories and expenses and credit card control through SMS reading feature. The Mobills app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store.


Easy card

credit cards

If your focus is on managing the spending on your credit card, the Easy Card app is for you. With the help of this finance manager, you can control the availability of your card limit, as well as view your invoices, which helps you figure out where and how much you spent.

To update your threshold, only write off the paid invoices and the amount is recalculated. The app has no link to the credit card, so it is essential to remember to manually enter transactions to get the correct spend information in your hands. and limits.



credit loan

When it comes to finance management, March Haren can be left out! Fully automated tool eliminates the need to enter all expenses manually. Just enter the date from the internet banking and the system pulls all movements that were made in the account and credit card, categorizing income and expenses automatically. This makes it much easier to know where you need to cut spending and where to save. It can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes or still used for the internet version on the app’s own website.

So which of these finance manager options best suits your needs? Download the one that fits your profile and take care of your money quickly and easily from wherever you are, right from your phone!