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Are you an adrenaline junkie who loves speed and wind in your hair? Then a motorcycle is probably for you too! The vehicle allows you to experience freedom in a whole new way as you fly through the layers of air on the highways. This is where you are allowed to experience what it means to be free.

If you have long dreamed of acquiring a motorcycle but have found it too expensive, then you have the chance. You can quickly take out a loan for a motorcycle. Many times, the loan process may seem incomprehensible, but it doesn’t actually have to be. Here you can get financial help – regardless of your choice of motorcycle.

Used motorcycle loan – buy it cheaper and still in good condition

Used motorcycle loan - buy it cheaper and still in good condition

It always feels particularly good with a brand new vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle you acquire. On the other hand, it also costs far more – both because the price is higher from the start, but also because the value will fall significantly over the first year.

Therefore, it might make sense to consider buying a used motorcycle that still works well, but which you can get at a much lower price.

You can find a sea of ​​smart motorcycles on the internet, which you can buy at favorable prices, and they have typically not traveled very far.

So it doesn’t have to cost you the “box” if you want to fulfill your dream of driving around the roads on your very own motorcycle.

If you have already found your dream motorcycle, you can apply for a used motorcycle loan here very quickly.

If you are not a first-time borrower with a Lite lending company, you can borrow up to USD 25,000.

The application process only takes a minute and you get your money paid right away! Why wait?

Motorcycle loan and purchase today – Lender’s solution

Motorcycle loan and purchase today - Lender

When you choose to take out a loan for MC at Lite lending company, you are guaranteed a secure and transparent loan process. We always focus on you and your finances, which is why our annuity loan has also been prepared with you at the center.

A loan for a motorcycle does not have to be a long and prohibitive process for you.

A loan for a motorcycle does not have to be a long and prohibitive process for you.

When you take out a loan with us, you are guaranteed:

  • flexibility
  • Participation
  • immediately Payout
  • Great overview of the loan process

Flexibility – our loans are flexible because we do not want to put you in a dull situation. We fully understand that your finances may fluctuate over time, which is why we also allow you to avail of our interest-free fee during periods when you have a lesser amount available. You will only be asked to pay the interest on your loan.

Co-determination – When you apply for a motorcycle loan with us, we ask you to determine the monthly payment on your loan. This way, we make sure that the amount matches your finances, so that you always have a suitable available amount back when all your bills are paid.

Immediate Payout – You always get paid your money right away so you can strike when you discover a great deal on a motorcycle. This automatically skips all the time-consuming processes.

Great overview of the loan process – we do not want to give you any boring surprises, which is why we offer you annuity loans where the benefit will be the same for you every month. In this way, you ensure a constant overview of the entire loan period.

However, you cannot take out a motorcycle loan if you are already registered in RKI or the Debtor Register.